The first Gaming Convention held 100% WITHIN VR


1. Global exposure - 20,000+ attendees from all around the world

Did you know that more than 90% of gamers or developers globally cannot attend mainsteam conferences (like GDC, E3, PAX) simply because of travelling?

For the first time ever, INVR brings you gamers and developers from all 4 continents in one huge convention.

2. Absolute control on your fan engagement

Create your exhibition stand exactly how you want it and simply hand over the design to us. Engage your fans in a breathtaking way and turn your stand to your own gaming world.

3. Turn your whole exhibition stand into a conversion machine.

Engage your fans with unique content and allow them to purchase your products immediately with 1-click purchases.

4. Fraction of the cost of a typical event

Get the same kind of exposure you get from top tier conventions - 6x cheaper on average

5. No schedule clashing, No travelling costs or accomodation costs

Join us with your VR set. Accommodate as big a team as you want without paying anything extra on travelling, accomodation or admin.

6. Business matchmaking services among attendees & exhibitors/sponsors

Enjoy our unique portal for matchmaking among exhibitors, sponsors and attendees. Be able to require for business meetings or casual conversation with people of interest and enjoy fruitful conversation in private or public virtual rooms.

Selected Supporters & Speakers

Rick King

#1 VR Influencer in the world
Mixed Reality Developer

Stephen Dinehart IV

Award-Winning Gamemaker
VR/Fintech/Nintendo Dev

Manuel Clement

#4 VR influencer Globally
Senior UX/VR Designer & Expert

Theo Priestley

Mentor, HTCVive X
VP-Global Evangelist, SAP

Alison Huynh

Co-founder and CEO, MyDream Interactive
Seed Investor, Magic Leap

Jeremy Dalton

AR/VR Lead, PwC

Vlad Ilic (VRHuman)

Virtual Reality Artist -human.
Member of @Sketchfab Masters and design guy @vrnerds

Mitchel Manganaro

Studio Manager
Opaque Media Group

Vincent Dignan

Growth hacking's "enfant terrible" & one of the most infamous marketers in the world

Jeff W Murray

Author / Cybernautic Adventurer and Unity Developer
IBM Research

Josh Farkas

CEO, Cubicle Ninjas

Clay Weishar

Creative Director, Tool of North America

Micaela Romanini

VP, Vigamus Foundation,,

Marco Accordi Rickards

Executive Director, Vigamus Foundation,,