The first Gaming Convention held WITHIN VR

Create your avatar and walk in our virtual venue:
72 hours of Gaming, Panels and AMAs with more than 20,000 gamers, developers and cosplayers

Experience a convention like never before

Join using your VR Set

No need to spend a fortune on travelling and accomodation. Join our convention with your VR set from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your house.

No Queues

Ever waited 1 hour in the queue to play a game for 5 minutes or watch a video? You can now play, interact, and enjoy immersive experiences immediately when you want it.

Unique content

Ever wondered what's happening in GDC or E3? Have access to unique and one-of-a-kind releases, talks, panel discussions and AMAs!

Unlimited experiences

Every developer will have a new VR experience for you to go through. Fly around, teleport wherever you want and enjoy mini-games and competitions.

Like-minded people

Talk with people from around the world, gathered for the first time ever in one convention!

Selected Supporters & Speakers

Rick King

#1 VR Influencer in the world
Mixed Reality Developer

Stephen Dinehart IV

Award-Winning Gamemaker
VR/Fintech/Nintendo Dev

Manuel Clement

#4 VR influencer Globally
Senior UX/VR Designer & Expert

Rahul Sandil

VP Marketing - HTC VIVE (Viveport)

Mike Almeraris

Global VR/AR Gaming and Store Lead, Google

Alison Huynh

Co-founder and CEO, MyDream Interactive
Seed Investor, Magic Leap

Vitor de Magalhaes

Games Innovation Program manager, Improbable

Theo Priestley

Mentor, HTCVive X
VP-Global Evangelist, SAP

Jeremy Dalton

AR/VR Lead, PwC

Vlad Ilic (VRHuman)

Virtual Reality Artist -human.
Member of @Sketchfab Masters and design guy @vrnerds

Mitchel Manganaro

Studio Manager
Opaque Media Group

Vincent Dignan

Growth hacking's "enfant terrible" & one of the most infamous marketers in the world

Jeff W Murray

Author / Cybernautic Adventurer and Unity Developer
IBM Research

Josh Farkas

CEO, Cubicle Ninjas

Clay Weishar

Creative Director, Tool of North America

Roxana Brongo

Creative Lead - Innovation & New Technology, Valtech Canada

Micaela Romanini

VP, Vigamus Foundation,,

Marco Accordi Rickards

Executive Director, Vigamus Foundation,,

Carlo Ivo Alimo Bianchi

Ceo & Founder, Storm in a Teacup

Eleonora Lucheroni

PR & Marketing Manager, Storm in a Teacup

Aki Järvinen

Founder, PhD, Game Futures

Adam Orth

Creative Strategist, First Contact Entertainment

Michael Calvert

Lead Games Evangelist/VR Game Developer, Sketchfab

Jeremy Roland

AR/VR Developer, Accenture

Lulu Vallano

Producer, Skydance Interactive

Denis Dyack

Chief Creative Officer
Quantum Entanglement Entertainment

Martin de Ronde

Chief Creative Officer
Forcefield VR

Don Thacker

Phantasmagorist, Imagos Films, Imagos Softworks

Luciana Carvalho Se

VRAR Evangelist & Co-founder
Realities Centre London, Unfold Minds (Diversity in VR), SE3 Solutions

Brooke Maggs

Director, Burning Glass Creative

Andrew Douthwaite

Chief Operating Officer, WEARVR